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Palm Beach Gardens Properties

Palm Beach Gardens Properties

Palm Beach Gardens properties run the gamut from reasonably–priced condominiums to luxurious, extravagant estate homes. Learn more about the types of homes you can enjoy in Palm Beach Gardens, and the communities where you might find them.

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The Best–Kept Secrets in Palm Beach Gardens Properties

Palm Beach Gardens properties range from luxury condominiums all the way up to luscious, unique estate homes. Buyers who are looking for Palm Beach Gardens properties can select from a variety of communities to find the lifestyle that best meets their needs. Some of the most popular Palm Beach Gardens Communities include:

  1. Mirasol
  2. Mirabella at Mirasol
  3. PGA National
  4. BallenIsles
  5. Old Palm Golf Club
  6. Old Marsh

Whether you’re looking for resort–style living, a country–club lifestyle, golf club community or merely a luxurious retreat, Palm Beach Gardens has something to offer. With over 800 properties in Palm Beach Gardens, Keller Williams Luxury Estates Plus agents can help you find the right home for you. If you’re less concerned about community than the individual properties, here’s a brief overview of some of the gorgeous Palm Beach Gardens properties you could call your own:

Condominiums in Palm Beach Gardens

If you want a part–time getaway — or a low–maintenance home — in Palm Beach Gardens, a condominium here might be a great compromise for your lifestyle. A few of the communities in Palm Beach Gardens offer condominium homes, and one of the Top 10 Residential Clubs as rated by the Platinum Club of America happens to be one of them: BallenIsles. BallenIsles condominiums enjoy all of the community’s perks, including a spa and salon, extensive fitness facilities and pro shop, championship golf courses and dining facilities — all at a reasonable cost with a low–maintenance lifestyle. Some of our other Palm Beach Gardens communities offer condominium options, too; speak with a Keller Williams agent for details.

Patio Homes in Palm Beach Gardens

Patio home properties in Palm Beach Gardens offer you convenience, ease of maintenance and a more modest price point than some of the larger estate homes. If you’re looking for Palm Beach Gardens properties for winter residence, or to live in only part of the year, patio homes offer ease of upkeep and a low barrier of entry — and you can still call some of Palm Beach Gardens’ premier communities home. BallenIsles and PGA National are just a few of the Palm Beach Gardens that offer resort–style settings with convenience of patio home ownership.

Cottages and Single Family Homes in Palm Beach Gardens

In the single family home category, Florida luxury estates in Palm Beach Gardens run the gamut from intimate cottages to spacious single–family homes. Many of Palm Beach Garden’s luxury communities offer single–family home options; Mirabella offers a range of single–family floor plans; PGA National offers intimate cottages and spacious single–family homes, and BallenIsles offers a range of single family home styles. These homes give you luxury community living, high–quality finishes and space to raise your family, or retire in comfort.

Villas and Estate Homes in Palm Beach Gardens

If you’re looking for a truly luxurious, extraordinary home ownership experience, Palm Beach Gardens properties include a range of unique, customized estate homes and villas. Communities such as Old Palm Golf Club and Old Marsh offer the privacy, lush surroundings and top–notch amenities you’d expect in a luxury community. Additionally, some of Palm Beach Gardens’ more diverse communities, such as BallenIsles, offer a range of estate homes that you could call your own.

We Have the Palm Beach Gardens Properties You Want

Bottom line: if you’re looking for luxury Palm Beach Gardens properties, Keller Williams Luxury Estates Plus agents have a range of options for you to consider. Talk with one of our agents today to begin exploring the luxury home floor plans and properties that meet your requirements, and find the home you’ve been waiting to call your own.

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