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Gated Communities in Florida Homes for Sale

Florida Gated Communities Homes for Sale

Florida gated communities real estate for sale range from condominiums under $100,000 to estate homes at $7 million or more. The real challenge in finding gated community homes for sale in Florida isn’t finding gated community homes; it’s finding the right gated community for your lifestyle and needs.

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Finding Florida Gated Communities Homes for Sale

Gated communities homes for sale in Florida typically feature a wide range of exclusive amenities, a variety of luxury lifestyle options — and of course Florida’s gorgeous weather! Gated communities in Florida often feature resort–style pools, community clubhouses, fitness centers, and beautifully–landscaped properties. Homes for sale in gated communities in Florida range from condominiums to high–end, custom estate homes — and everything between.

Benefits of Gated Community Homes

Residents who buy gated community homes enjoy a couple of key benefits of living in a gated community. The most noteworthy benefit that drives many people to look for gated communities in Florida is the exclusive enjoyment of Florida amenities. Gated community amenities are typically limited to residents only. In country club or resort&ndasdh;style gated communities, amenities may be restricted to club members. This means there is often less competition for amenities, which can be a huge asset whether you’re looking for the best golf tee times or easy access to the fitness equipment you want to use.

Gated communities in Florida often provide amenities for members that other communities just don’t feature. Some of the high–end luxury Florida gated community homes for sale come in neighborhoods that feature concierge service of varying levels, various dining options right in the community &mdasdh; even sometimes grocery stores or other shopping within the community.

And of course there’s the security and privacy element of living in gated community homes. Gated communities often feature their own security personnel, and entering a gated community can be difficult for non–residents. This is ideal for people who want privacy and peace of mind in their homes.

Gated Community Homes for Sale in Florida

Gated community homes for sale in Florida range from condominiums to custom estate homes in a wide variety of communities. Florida gated community homes for sale range from under $100,000 for some condominiums, up to $7 million or more for some of the more exclusive estate homes found in high–end gated communities. Various Florida gated community homes feature lake or golf course views, and several Florida gated communities are surrounded by nature preserves or other natural settings.

Some of the most popular Florida gated communities homes for sale include the communities of: Jonathan’s Landing, Admiral’s Cove Realty, Frenchman’s Creek, PGA National, Old Marsh. Whether you’re looking for resort–style living, country club living, a more exclusive, private lifestyle, or family–oriented living — gated community homes for sale in Florida offer the amenities you want in a private setting you desire.

If you’re ready to look at Florida gated communities homes for sale, contact a Keller Williams Luxury Estates Plus agent. With the wide range of Florida luxury real estate and gated community homes available in this area, a Luxury Certified agent can discuss your needs and desires and help you find the gated community that matches your lifestyle.

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