How To Sell Your Home To Foreign Buyers

Business HandshakeMany international homebuyers are keen to invest in U.S. homes, especially here in Florida. In fact, Florida tops the list of international foreign buyers. However, getting a foreign buyer to purchase your home doesn’t always just happen. Marketing and selling your home to an international takes a little more work than your average home selling process. Not to worry! We have a few tips to help you get started on selling to foreign homebuyers.

Marketing your home online

Never underestimate the power of the Internet. Posting your home on online can help you garner the attention of international buyers. Many real estate sites have not only national reach, but international as well, which helps expose your home around the globe. It’s critical that you post multiple photos and videos of your property because it’s unlikely a foreign buyer will physically see the house before they purchase it.

Consider what market to tap into

Would your home attract a Chinese buyer or a Russian buyer? Depending on where they are from, foreign homebuyers look for different things and characteristics in a home. Talk to your real estate agent about the strengths of your property and what international market might be looking for a home like yours. Florida tends to attract a lot of buyers from Canada, South America, and Europeans.

Play up home strengths and rental value

International buyers are less likely to be swooned by home staging and more likely to focus on things like proximity to public transportation and property value. Many foreign buyers also look for the rental potential of properties to offset costs, since their U.S. home is likely a vacation home. So be sure to include rental values of your neighborhood area.

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