South Florida Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding in South Florida

Kiteboarding, also known as kitesurfing or even flysurfing in some circles, is one of the fastest growing surface water sports in the country; second only to paddleboarding of course. What’s interesting about this sport is it incorporates techniques from a number of water sports, like surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, and paragliding – together forming its own extreme water sport. There have been rumors as to who actually invented kiteboarding, as many people over the years have claimed ownership to similar ideas and concepts. Though, it wasn’t until the 1980s that kiteboarding began its transition away from being known as a “hobby” and into being a sport. Even though this transformation was in the works, nothing significant happened until the mid-1990s. This is when kitesurfing gained support from water sports’ enthusiasts all across the globe. Today, kiteboarding is one of the most popular water sports in the world, and its rich history only adds to the excitement one gets when riding a wave. All of this has lead us to today where kiteboarding is one of the most popular water sports in the world.

International kiteboarders are always on the hunt for the next great beach to catch a wave, and no matter how many times they visit the beaches of South Florida, they always return. This is due to the fact that South Florida has an incredible warm weather climate and consistent wind currents, which gives kiteboarders the perfect conditions for kiteboarding year-after-year. While this sport looks difficult to master, the whole family can easily participate and enjoy this exhilarating sport, from kids to grandparents! Though most outfitters recommend anywhere from 3 – 9 hours of training before being allowed to go it alone out on the water, as proper technique is essential. So round up your friends and family, and head to one of our top South Florida kiteboarding beaches for the ultimate new adventure vacation!

Palm Beach

The Palm Beach area is an excellent location to have some fun kiteboarding, no matter your skill level. This is partly due to the fact Jupiter has its very own beach dedicated to kiteboarding called Kite Beach, which is located just north of Juno Pier. The weather in Jupiter is typically a kiteboarder’s dream, and something you won’t want to miss! Not to mention the lovely Jupiter’s beach is known for its large shore pound, which means the waves there are stronger than at other beaches. Not to worry though, plenty of outfitters offer lessons taught by only the most experienced kiteboarding teachers in Palm Beach, so you’ll be an expert kitesurfer in no time!

Kiteboarding on Kite Beach in Jupiter Florida Photo Credit: Clinton & Charles Robertson

 Miami/Key Biscayne

Down in Miami, Key Biscayne Island is considered to be one of the best places in the nation to learn how to kiteboard. And as mentioned previously in the “Guide to Windsurfing in South Florida,” Key Biscayne is extremely popular amongst local Floridians in learning specific water sports. In fact, one of the most popular taught is kiteboarding, because the surrounding water has large sections of flatter waves, and there is waist deep water, which allows for easier kiteboarding technique. Residing on the northern part of the island, you will come across another incredible place to kiteboard: Crandon Park. It is famous for its shallow water lagoon, exotic wildlife, and ideal boarding conditions.

Crandon Park Beach in Key Biscayne Florida

Florida Keys

Experience the Florida Keys like never before – go kiteboarding! No matter the time of year, you’re destined to see locals’ kiteboarding around many of the Florida Keys islands, so why shouldn’t you join in on the fun? We love the Islamorada Beach for its consistent winds; perfect for kiteboarding. We recommend visiting between months December through March, as they have ideal weather conditions at this time, but don’t let the tropical climate fool you; you will want you to pack your wetsuit because the water will still be brisk.

Kiteboarding on Islamorada Beach in the Florida Keys


We have definitely saved the best South Florida kiteboarding beach for last. Located down in the “Heart of the Gold Coast” and situated in-between Palm Beach and Miami Beach is the incredible Pompano Beach, which has beautiful scenic access and launch points near the historic Hillsboro Lighthouse. Kiteboarders, get ready for an extremely high level of difficulty out on this water, because this area is known for its harsh winds and powerful waves. We strongly advise that only intermediate to advanced level boarders attempt these waves, and even then, proceed with extreme caution. If you haven’t reached this level of expertise yet, don’t worry; there are kiteboarders all over South Florida willing to help you advance your skill set. So don’t get discouraged, keep trying, and most importantly, have fun with it!

Pompano Beach Kiteboarding in Florida Photo Credit: Bob B. Brown

South Florida is the nation’s capital for water sports’ hot spots. People travel internationally to have the chance to surf, water ski, kiteboard, windsurf, or paddleboard on one of South Florida’s thrilling, yet beautiful beaches. And since you, your friends, and family now have unlimited access to our guides on the best beaches in South Florida for kiteboarding, windsurfing, and Paddleboarding, our three-part series about water sports has officially been concluded. So if you missed any of these, or would like to check them out again, we suggest reading the Luxury Estates Plus blog for more information. You can also follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts, especially if your goal is to find family friendly activities to do in South Florida!

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