Top 10 Most Beautiful South Florida Homes – PART 1

It’s no secret that Southeast Florida is one of the most beautiful places to live in the USA. Windswept beaches, nearly year-round sunny days, laid-back culture, world-class cuisine, and vibrant nightlife are just a few of the many reasons people move to Southeast Florida for a change of scenery. This beautiful coast has attracted a variety of talented homebuilders & architects that have built some of the most remarkable homes in the world. For instance, take a look at these 10 unique homes in Southeast Florida.

Acqua Liana - LEP

Image provided by Design Rulz

Acqua Liana
620 South Ocean Blvd, Manapalan Beach, FL

Acqua Liana, or “Water Flower,” is a unique design by Frank McKinney, whose name you will see on this list again. In keeping with its name, the home features a massive 2,000-gallon aquarium situated between floors, so you can walk above it across the living room or stand below it in the underground wet bar and say “Salud!” to over 100 exotic fish. Some of the other water features include an enormous swimming pool and 16-person spa, a massive waterfall, and swimmable “water gardens.”

Villa Filliponi - -LEP

Image provided by Pinterest/SothebysHomes

Villa Filipponi
322 Clarke Ave, Palm Beach, FL
The Villa Filipponi was commissioned by the Count and Countess de Filipponi, the fictional identities of a middle-class dry goods salesman and the ex-wife of a Chicago architect. But the money they lavished on the Villa was certainly worthy of nobility: The home is stunning. A mélange of asymmetric fenestration, decorative tiles in the Moorish style, and Corinthian columns all blended perfectly with classic Floridian stucco, the Villa Filipponi is eclectic and fascinating.

Bernie Madoff Pulitzer Homer - LEP

Image provided by New York Social Diary

The Bernie Madoff Home (aka The Pulitzer Home)
410 North Lake Way, Palm Beach, FL

When Bernie Madoff was busy pocketing billions of dollars from one of the biggest Ponzi schemes of all time, he used part of the money to buy a home originally commissioned by Peter Pulitzer, husband of famed dressmaker Lilly Pulitzer, whose fashions were commonly seen on the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy. The home’s massive double veranda gives it a classical antebellum atmosphere, and more than 2,000 square feet of the external surface of the home is glass. The master suite includes his-and-hers tubs, a study, and an exercise room.

Ocean Apple Estate - LEP

Image provided by Pascal Liguouri

Ocean Apple Estate
610 North Ocean Blvd, Del Ray Beach, FL

Built in 1930 by Palm Beach architect James Volk and renovated in 2013 by Frank McKinney, the Ocean Apple Estate has 100 feet of Atlantic Ocean frontage, a completely independent guesthouse, and a beautiful office-and-bedroom treehouse accessible only via a suspension bridge from the master bedroom. It was once owned by the Mott family, famous for their applesauce⎯hence the name Ocean Apple.

Cielito Lindo - LEP

Image provided by WikiMapia

Cielito Lindo
122 King’s Rd, Palm Beach, FL

Jessie Woolworth Donahue, this home’s first owner, had extraordinarily lavish tastes and didn’t hesitate to let them show. The 45,000 square foot mansion Cielito Lindo was designed by Marion Sims Wyeth. Its features include a massive four-story tower, six master bedrooms, ten servants’ suites above the garage, and separate houses for the chauffeur and gardener.

Thanks for reading our list of the first 5 of our list of the Top 10 Most Beautiful South Florida Homes.  We’ll be publishing Part 2 soon!

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