Five Days in Palm Beach, Florida: Day 5

Palm Beach South Florida

Sunday, February 23rd:  The weather is beautiful again, averaging in the mid-70s. Ain’t Palm Beach perfect? It’s time to enjoy some quality time at the beach, specifically Palm Beach– just keep in mind you’ll be paying a small fee for parking. Bring your favorite book, some sunscreen, and a towel to have one of the most relaxing Sundays you could possibly have in South Florida. We know this is a bit touristy, but it’s still beautiful. If you’re looking for something a little less touristy, head over to Juno Beach in Jupiter, Florida or even one of the new revitalized areas in Lake Worth. If you make it to Lake Worth, don’t pass on Benny’s for some delicious breakfast and an incredible Bloody Mary. It’s located on the pier and offers some breathtaking views. Relax outdoors all day, until you’re ready to catch some quality sleep.

With seemingly endless things to do in Palm Beach, Florida, we hope you enjoy these five days we’ve planned out for you! Hope to see you around on your five day adventure in South Florida!

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