Black Friday 2013 | The Ultimate Survival Guide

People plan for months in advance, pack up a tent, and sleep outside Sears for their dream toaster oven. How are you going to compete with this madness come Friday? It’s easy. Here’s what you’ll do:

1. No back tracking allowed
You probably have the items you want in mind. So, do your research before hand and find the locations that are going to give you the best price. Once you have those locations, it’s time to make Google Maps work for you. Log in to your Gmail account and find the Maps area. Here, you can create a “my places” map with all the retail locations you are going to visit (example below).  This will be super helpful when planing your route. Remember: Get to the locations that have your most prized item first – things sell out fast!

2. Stock up on your CBOC (Caffeine Beverage of Choice)
As you are well aware, most stores open extremely early that morning, so you’ll want to have your favorite caffeinated beverage ready to go.  Plus, if you’re  pulling an all nighter, you’re definitely going to want some boost later in the day. (If you’re the later, you may want to consider getting one of those can-holster belts to store some Red Bull in a easy to access way.) Bottom line: Whether you’re a Starbucks junkie, a die-hard Dunkin drinker, or energy drinks are your thing; if there is ever a day to bring an energy boost its Black Friday.

3. Pack a Cooler
Load it up with leftover Turkey from that Thanksgiving feast. Add some bread, condiments, and refreshments and you’re good to go! It’ll be much faster to make a quick sandwich mid day than to stop somewhere to eat. Time is precious!

4. Wardrobe Tips

  • Wear close-toed shoes
  • Check the weather – Bring a jacket or blanket  if it’s going to be cold,  umbrellas or rain coats if it’s going to be stormy, dress light if it’s going to be hot, and, if you’re a Floridian,  prepare for all of the above – we’ve had some wacky weather this week.
  • Don’t wear expensive or priceless  jewelry. For example: Leave that family heirloom bracelet at home. You don’t want it to break from snagging on a bin or someone’s clothing.

5. Other helpful items to bring

  • Caffeine (did we say that already?)
  • Tent, Sleeping Bag, Blankets, Pillows
  • Chairs for yourself and friends
  • If you’re Black Friday’ing with a group, it will be good to bring an extra cell phone battery or, at least, cell phone chargers for your car AND an outlet. Don’t  loose contact with BigBear during Mission Xbox, copy? Roger that! (Don’t even pretend you haven’t thought about creating a Black Friday army by now!)
  • Newspaper /Sales Ads for verification

Did we miss something? Tell us your Black Friday tips!

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