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Considering a Frame or CBS House in Florida?

This is a great question which really only you can answer for yourself.  Please don’t take my advice!  My house is BOTH frame and CBS!!

The costs for insurance on a FRAME home are normally higher than a CBS home.

When people see me around and about they seem to ask all the time why are FRAME more expensive than CBS and how much more is the insurance cost?


1st Why?

Frame houses actuarially speaking tend to have higher hurricane losses than CBS homes.  If your read “Predicting Losses of Residential Structures in the State of Florida by the Public Hurricane Loss Model” you may have a better understanding.  Basically what I think you should know is it is a statistical fact that the greater the wind speeds in a hurricane the higher the loss probability and the more severe the damage is on a FRAME house over a CBS .

  • FRAME houses may be less expensive to build but also sustain greater losses than CBS homes when a hurricane is greater than 100 mph.
  • Florida is a warm, wet and humid climate where bugs live.  You know what happens to wood when it’s warm and wet!  Bugs love it.
  • Homeowners of frame houses sometimes don’t know how much wood rot or wood damage their home has until something falls, or a loss occurs, or an inspector finds it.

2nd How MuchMore Expensive?

It depends.  We have to consider a number of factors that influence homeowners insurance premiums.  Such as:

The year the home is built.

The age of the roof.

The shape of the roof.  Gable or Hip.

Is there hurricane protection?

Where the house is located?

Is it East or West of I-95

Is there a fire hydrant near by?

How far is it from a fire department?

These are some of the factors that can determine a 10% – 40% increase of insurance costs for a FRAM home over a CBS home.

If you are in the market to buy a home in Florida I would highly recommend reading Florida Building Code Cost and Loss Reduction Benefit Comparison Study.

Hopefully this gives you an introduction as to what you need to know to buy a FRAME or CBS home.

Again don’t listen to me I could not decide.  My house is both FRAME and CBS!


Brian Murphy

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